Many building jobs need scaffolders to gain safe access to areas that are out of reach. If you are looking for a scaffolder to help you, you are in the right place.

This is the Bristol Hub page for scaffolders. If you are looking for a scaffolder for a job, big or small, you will definitely find one that can help you on this page.

Find a Scaffolder in Bristol

If you would like Bristol Hub to find you a scaffolder instead of you doing all the work, fill out the contact form below. It’s absolutely free! Just make sure you write a detailed description of the scaffolding work you’re looking for.

Scaffolders in Bristol

If you are a barber in Bristol and you aren’t a part of our business hub, send us an email ( to find out how to be added. Below you’ll find a number of Bristol’s scaffolders. You can see their contact details below to enquire about their services.