Welcome to Bristol Hub and our first official post. We’d like to start our site off by telling you – the people of Bristol, exactly what the Bristol Hub is and why we’ve decided to set it up.

To start off, I have to go back in time a few years. I (the editor of this site) spent many years working in digital marketing across the UK. I spent a little bit of time working in Bristol, followed by a few years in London, followed by a few years in Leeds.

During my time in these places, I achieved success in every marketing position I worked in, which was great. The only problem is that in every position, I was succeeding in making more money for large businesses who were already rich.

2 years ago, I decided to relocate to Devon and start using my skills helping smaller businesses with smaller budgets find work using methods that I have been using during my career. This way, I’m actually helping people who need it. Upon deciding this, Torquay Online was born last March.

In less than a year, Torquay Online has grown and grown into something I’m very proud of. Not only do we provide small to medium sized businesses an affordable network to be a part of, but we’ve been actively finding work for businesses who wouldn’t find it otherwise.

Most businesses who join us will make the fee back from just one job or referral.

Because of our success with Torquay Online, we have decided to expand into other places, including Bristol. Hopefully this time next year we have done as well for local businesses of Bristol as we have for the ones of Torbay.

You might be wondering to yourself what exactly it is that we do, so I’ll explain.

If you go to our business directory you’ll see a number of business categories. For a business to be a part of our hub, there is currently a cost of £30 a year. This doesn’t just get you access to our hub – we will also promote you on social media, showcase any work you’re proud of and make a promotional video for your business. We also send recommendations and leads to our members if anyone in the local area is on the lookout for someone who does what you do.

Although that’s already excellent value, we don’t stop there. We will regularly add features as well as being there 24/7 to give you any kind of marketing advice you might need.

If being part of our hub isn’t for you, we also offer basic business features for a one-off fee of £20, and if you don’t have a website, we can create a web page for you with all your own branding for just £50 a year.

As well as all this, we also offer online marketing services to businesses who want a little more than just being on the site. If anyone would like to discuss their marketing needs with us, please drop us an email – editor@bristolhub.co.uk.

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